Intprolaw was created in 1998, by Enrique Berckholtz, as a company focused in the study and protection of Intellectual Property under a singular concept: providing legal advising not only to final clients but also to Law Firms and Advertising Agencies.

We offer our consultancy and work to Law Firms so that through Intprolaw and Enrique Berckholtz all their clients’ requirements regarding Intellectual Property are served. In this way, these firms do not need to manage and keep staff, software, training, memberships and other needs of an Intellectual Property Department, counting instead with our services under their standards, requests and formalities.

Intprolaw’s scope spreads also to offer consultancy to Advertising Agencies according to their requirements to create and protect trademarks, slogans, designs and the image that they create for their clients. This way, our knowledge and specialization are used to advise about the best and most effective way to create a brand or sign that is perfectly able to be legally protected in the registry and regarding which there will be no impediment to apply sanctions to those who infringe the titleholder’s rights.

Finally, this consultancy about brand and signs protection and also about their creation is offered through Intprolaw to their direct clients.
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