The field of our exclusive direct competence is the Intellectual Property.

However, given our direct relationship with law firms that are engaged in other areas of law, we can help you to receive the consultancy you could need for any legal matter.

Regarding Intellectual Property, we advise and protect the following:
  • Trademarks, commercial slogans, trade names
  • Appellations of origin
  • Patents, utility models and industrial designs
  • New plant varieties
  • Copyright
  • Infringement and unfair competition
  • Licenses and franchises

In these areas, we also manage the following:
  • Official availability searches
  • Registration, renewal and monitoring
  • Oppositions and defense of oppositions
  • Nullity and cancellation of registrations for lack of usage
  • Preparation and analysis of franchise agreements, licenses, technology transfer, technical assistance
  • Registration of franchises, licenses, technology transfer, technical assistance, mergers, name changes and titleholder’s address modifications
  • Adaptation of contracts to national laws
  • Protection of well known signs
  • Legal challenging against decisions of the Patent and Trademark Office
  • Infringement and unfair competition actions and defense against these cases
  • Negotiations of coexistences, acquisitions, licenses and litigation
  • Design and creation of signs
  • Simple and certified translationst
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